108 Meditation Benefits


Meditation is quite powerful technique that is easy to follow. There are numerous scientific studies that reveal how advantageous the practice of meditation is. Below is a list of some benefits of meditation revealing how major areas of life are positively affected:

Benefits on Psychological level:

1. It reduces stress and anxiety.
2. It reduces depression.
3. It increases optimism.
4. It builds self-esteem.
5. It influences mood and psychological wellbeing.
6. It increases serotonin level.
7. It resolves fears and phobias, reduces symptoms of panic disorder.
8. It improves focus and attention, as well as ability to work under stress.
9. It promotes creativity.
10. It develops intuition.
11. It amplifies grey matter concentration in the brain.
12. It increases brain waves coherence; it enhances ability to generate gamma waves.
13. It assists to allocate brain resources that are limited.
14. It improves self-awareness, working memory, learning ability and rapid memory recall.
15. It ensures sensation of vitality and rejuvenation.
16. It improves visuospatial processing.
17. It helps to control thought process.
18. It provides for emotional stability.
19. It slows down mind aging process.
20. It makes it easier to get rid of bad habits.
21. It increases productivity.
22. It helps to grow a stable and harmonious personality.
23. It purifies character traits.
24. It improves listening skills and empathy.
25. It results in possibility to make better judgments.
26. It develops will power and resilience.
27. It results in improved relations at home and at work.
28. It results in increased satisfaction with one’s work related tasks.
29. It enhances sense of responsibility.
30. It increases growth rate of higher intelligence.
31. It improves intimate contacts with loved ones.
32. It provides for greater “communication” between the two brain hemispheres.
33. It improves perceptual ability, as well as motor performance.
34. It opens up mind to seeing the larger picture dealing with everyday issues.
35. It improves decision-making.
36. It reduces restless thinking.
37. It improves information processing.
38. It provides for mental strength, emotional intelligence.
39. It enables to react more quickly and more effectively to a stressful event.
40. It assists with dealing with alcohol and substance abuse, and in quitting smoking.
41. It improves psychomotor vigilance, requiring less sleep.
42. It helps cure insomnia, and necessitates less time to fall asleep.
43. It prevents potential mental illnesses.
44. It helps to develop positive social connections.
45. It provides for greater tolerance.
46. It reduces anger.
47. It reduces road rage.
48. It decreases tendency to feel anxiety and worry.
49. It provides for confidence to act in constructive ways.
50. It assists in developing of mature emotional body.

Benefits on Physiological level:

51.  It leads to deeper relaxation of a body.
52. It decreases tension in muscles.
53. It increases tolerance for physical exercise.
54. It increases energy, vitality and strength.
55. It is beneficial for weight loss, helps reducing emotional eating.
56. It improves immune system.
57. It reduces virus activity and emotional distress.
58. It slows hear and respiratory rate.
59. It reduces consumption of oxygen.
60. It improved blood flow.
61.  It reduces blood pressure.
62. It reduces anxiety attacks by lessening the levels of blood lactate.
63. It reduces symptoms of some diseases like allergies, arthritis, inflammatory, etc.
64. It improves post-operative healing.
65. It lessens premenstrual and post-menopausal syndromes.
66. It eliminates free radicals, and reduces tissue damage
67. It improves resistance of skin.
68. It drops cholesterol levels, lowers risk of cardiovascular and brain diseases.
69. It results in improved airflow to the lungs resulting in easier breathing.
70. It slows the aging process; causes longevity.
71.  It results in higher levels of DHEAS (Dehydroepiandrosterone).
72. It helps managing ADHD disorder.
73. It helps preventing fibromyalgia, arthritis.
74. It relieves pain, serves as a painkiller.
75. It cures headaches, migraines.
76. It results in greater focus of brain functioning.
77. It reduces necessity of medical care.
78. It trains body and mind to waste less energy.
79. It promotes inclination for sport and recreational activities.
80. It provides for a significant relief from asthma.
81.  It improves athletic performance.
82. It reduces sweating.
83. It stabilizes body’s ideal weight.
84. It harmonizes endocrine system.
85. It relaxes nervous system.
86. It produces lasting beneficial changes in brain electrical activity.
87. It cures infertility in some cases.

Benefits on Spiritual level:

88. It changes attitudes toward life.
89. It provides happiness, peace of mind.
90. It creates a deeper relationship with God.
91.  It helps to keep things in perspective.
92. It assists in discovery of life purpose.
93. It harmonizes body, mind and spirit.
94. It leads to self-realization.
95. It increases the synchronicity in your life.
96. It increases compassion skills.
97. It helps deeper understanding of self and others.
98. It marks a deeper level of spiritual relaxation.
99. It teaches forgiveness
100. It enhances capacity for love.
101.  It increases acceptance and love of oneself.
102. It helps to discover the power and consciousness beyond the “ego”.
103. It helps to growing wisdom.
104. It is essential to experience an inner sense of “Knowingness”.
105. It helps to attain enlightenment.
106. It is essential to experience a sense of “Oneness”.
107.  It helps to reveal greater inner directness.
108.  It trains to live “here and now”.

Make sure you meditate; there are quite simply too many positive effects to just ignore it.
Meditations require no special equipment, and they are also completely Free! There are numerous meditation techniques that are easy to learn. Meditation can be practiced anytime, anywhere, and it is not time consuming requiring only 10-20 minutes a day. There are absolutely no negative side effects of meditation. All benefits are positive!

Learn how Meditation can help you to Live up to Your Potentials.

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