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The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.                                                                                                                                                                            ~ Dr. Bruce Limpton

Chakra balancing, chakra cleansing and chakra healing are all terms that mean essentially the same thing. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or circle. The chakras are subtle vital energy centers in the spine. The chakras represent major areas of life and also are responsible for certain physiological reactions in the body. The chakras can be seen as an interface between matter and consciousness.


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Chakra balancing, chakra cleansing and chakra healing all have to do with making sure that the chakras are functioning correctly. Energy in the chakras can become blocked so that they don’t function at their maximum potential. This can result in mental, physical and psychological disturbances. Chakra healing is the process in clearing these blockages so that they can function properly.

There are many systems and methods for chakra healing, balancing and cleansing including meditations and breathing techniques. Body Mirror Healing System is a very powerful and quick way to clear, heal and revitalize the chakra system.

What is Body Mirror Healing?

Body Mirror Healing offers a rapid solution to physical and emotional problems of all kinds.

The Body Mirror System was developed by Martin Brofman PhD, a former Wall Street computer expert and student of psychology and comparative religion, through his experiences of releasing himself of a terminal illness (inoperable cancer of the spine) which traditional medicine had considered hopeless, untreatable – and returning to perfect health.

How does it work?

Body Mirror Healing works through identifying the tensions that have arisen in the main centers of energy in the body, identified as chakras by Indian mystics many centuries ago. The healer restores the chakras to balance and you will feel the resulting benefits in your life.

This technique goes to the core of physical problems. It heals the energy body which in turn manifests as changes in the physical body. Your Body is a Mirror of Your Consciousness.

This system is based on the idea that your body reflects your life. The parts of your body that do not work well reflect the parts of your life about which there is tension in your consciousness. Tension is stress, and stress causes symptoms.

If you wish to release a symptom, it is important to release the stress that created the symptom, by bringing to harmony the parts of your life that have not been working well. The Body Mirror System can provide the means of identifying the specific tensions creating the particular symptoms, as well as the tools designed to release these symptoms.

What can I expect?

No physical manipulation is involved in the use of our techniques – only a light touch, if any, when it does not conflict with someone’s philosophies or sensitivities. Before treatment, Liliya will discuss what condition you would like to see healed, and the circumstances during which it arose. Afterwards she will offer an analysis of the tensions in your body, with notes that help you to understand how stress has arisen. This helps you to take charge of your ongoing healing yourself.

***Of course, we offer no medical advice or treatment, nor do we diagnose any symptoms. These privileges are reserved for members of the medical profession.


Your Body is a Mirror of Your Consciousness.
The chakras are energy centers that each represents a portion of your consciousness, and a particular part of your body. When something is out of balance in the body, and therefore in the consciousness, this condition is reflected in the chakras. Returning to the experience of wholeness (healing) happens through understanding and using the proper tools to rebalance the chakras, and releasing limiting ideas that inhibit this process. It is then possible to again experience our natural state of health and happiness.

The only way to appreciate the profound effect of Healing is to try it for yourself. Once you’ve experienced its power, you won’t look back. If you are ready to resolve physical, emotional or spiritual problems in your life, Liliya will remove those blocks and facilitate a profound healing with a technique known as Body Mirror Healing System.

Distant healing

By arrangement for those who cannot travel through a Skype.


“Liliya, I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with me. Just by talking to you i knew you would help me. You gave me very good suggestions and you were accurate on everything that you told me. During my physical healing you read my chakra’s and was able to open and balance them. I was so nervous and tense when you first started but when you were done, I immediately felt a sense of peace and relaxation. It was an indescribable feeling that left me speechless. I felt like I was floating. I feel so much love in my heart and I feel so much at ease. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel so much lighter. I can’t stop smiling. You helped me find inner peace within myself. You gave me so many good life changing suggestions and I feel in my heart that I am able to make those life changing decisions. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. I prayed to God for answers and healings and he sent me you! You are truly God sent! ” –Nicole D.

“After tuning in to my energy for about 10 minutes, Liliya told me about my chakras one-by-one: what they do in the physical and emotional body, what condition each was in, and how it is affecting my physical and emotional well-being at the present time. She is very accurate with the information she ‘read’, and while she gave me a lot of facts about my body/mind/spirit, she also helped me to see how each is integrated and how each affects the others. It was incredible. She asked me no questions and talked to me with the confidence that what she was sharing, what she saw, was accurate, and it was. I was amazed. Liliya also talked to me about some life changes I might want to consider.  She is gentle with her reporting of what she sees and obviously wants to help. And she did!”  – Patti B.

“Dearest Liliya! From the first time we spoke on the phone, I knew you were the person that would help bring me the balance and healing I was in need of. During our phone calls you took me through my Meditation and guided me into balancing myself. In this Journey you have helped me find inner Peace and Strength and because of this my life has become so much more Brighter, Loving, and Joyful. I have moved a thousand miles ahead and I continue moving forward with your guidance. Your meditating CDs have taught me techniques that I needed to learn on how to breathe, accept, and open up to God’s white light that shines within me! You have been my greatest teacher throughout my healing process! During my physical healing you worked on balancing and opening my Chakra’s. After that session I felt much lighter more peaceful and connected again. Thank You So much for your continuous guidance,  words of wisdom and encouragement.  You have helped me remain grounded and stay on track throughout my path of awakening. I hope to one day to be able to help others seeking inner peace in the same way as you have helped me. Your guidance has been a blessing and that is why I thank God and my Angels for bringing you into my life.”  – S. Sebastiao


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