Hypnotherapy Services

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Hypnosis continues to show great results in weight loss, stop smoking, reducing pain, stress, anxiety and many other issues. Hypnotherapy has quickly become the choice of many. It can enable you to change your life so you can experience a better way of living.

Experience Results with Safe, Effective Hypnotherapy!

Hypnosis Services Provided for a Wide Range of Issues:

♦ Fears and Phobias                      ♦ Stop Smoking                     ♦ Healthy Pregnancy/Painless Childbirth*

Releasing the Past                      ♦ Weight Loss                        ♦ Pre and Post Surgery Preparation*

Healthy Relationships                ♦ Self Confidence                  ♦ Improving Memory and Concentration

♦ Stress Reduction                        ♦ Insomnia*                            ♦ Past Life Regression Therapy

♦ Pain Management *                    ♦ Self-Hypnosis                      ♦ Improving Memory and Concentration

 Achieving Your Goals                  ♦ Depression*                         ♦ Pre and Post Surgery Preparation*

♦ Releasing the Past                      ♦ Grief and Loss                      ♦ Improving Sport Performance

* Medical Hypnosis

The purpose of medical hypnotherapy is to compliment traditional medical treatment. My goal is to work in harmony with patients, physicians and their medical staff in ways that are unique and specific to each individual and each individual medical condition. Some condition may require physician approval.

All hypnosis involving medical conditions, such as managing pain, is always done under the supervision of a physician, or by referral. If you want to use hypnosis to help you with a medical condition, give me a call. I am used to working with physicians and know how to set up the referral.

 ** No Service provided by Holistic Solutions Center LLC or Liliya Freylafet should be construed in any way as a cure for any medical or psychological condition or a substitution for standard medical treatment by qualified medical doctors or licensed psychiatric personnel.

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