For those who believe, no words are necessary; for those who do not believe, no words are possible. ~ Dom Ignacio de Loyola ~

“Liliya, I have often thought what a blessing you are to all who are open and have been helped thru your many services, when I first came to you I was wanting to try hypnosis for weight loss, and I found myself pulled toward the crystal healing bed, and so I continued with and less that a year I have lost 20 pounds and continue to lose, and also still wanting to experience the crystal healing bed and I had 10 sessions and felt the clarity of mind and a energy balance and feeling of well being, each time. I believe this is still an ongoing healing taking place, thank you for you ability to get right to the core of issues and deliver the truth in a way I could hear it with love from you. ”  Paula R., Healing Practitioner

“I feel blessed that I contacted Liliya. I came to her with understanding that I need help in overcoming my weaknesses. During our initial consultation she hit the surface by recognizing the right problem and gave me powerful hypnotic suggestions. That first session just boosted up my personality. I was very shy and hesitant in speaking with others. Two sessions with Liliya greatly improved and strengthened my self-confidence and self-esteem. The amazing thing is that after three months I am feeling that suggestions are getting reinforced daily by themselves and I am feeling more confident and comfortable while speaking in a group with time passing by as oppose to my fear that these messages will fade up with time. I appreciate Liliya’s help and dedication towards her clients.” Ruby K., Sr. Programmer Analyst

“I want to express my abundant gratitude to you for your having demonstrated to me that I am capable of so much more in my life.  Now, because of your self-hypnosis technique and CD, I am truly a powerfully different person altogether.  I am a person who is leaving fear in the past.”Gerald Z., Mechanical Engineer

“After working with Liliya and listening to her CDs less than a week I completely lost my sweet tooth and had no desire for late night snacking or eating when I wasn’t hungry. I was also able to push my plate away before it was clean – no longer feeling I HAD to finish! It’s amazing and I’m thrilled.”Linda F., Accountant

“It has been a few weeks ago since I started working with Liliya on Weight Loss Program and there is an unbelievable success! My eating habits are changing radically, I have more energy to do new and different things, and I’m not thinking about food 24/7 anymore!”
Thank You!” – Cathy B., Caregiver

“Three weeks ago I met with you for a weight loss session. I have to say that as a nurse I was a little skeptical about how this would actually work. I thought that I would just let you know that so far…. I’m very impressed. I have lost fourteen pounds in three weeks. It was always a struggle when I was doing weight watchers. With hypnosis and listening to the CD’s it has been much easier. Thank you so much!” Natasha K., R.N.

“Thanks, Liliya! I would like to let you know how great your weight loss program plus CDs is. I have lost 40 pounds in exactly 4 months. There has been no slowing in the amount lost – it remains the same each month. There must be something in the CD, which enables the metabolic rate to remain constant – usually weight loss, slows as your body adjusts to taking in fewer calories, however this seems not to be happening. I am extremely impressed and happy with your sessions and CD. Not to mention how effortless losing this amount has been. I plan to use this after I have attained my goal weight as well. I’m sure it will make maintaining the loss so much easier than in the past.” Glenda S., Business Owner

“Liliya, I am telling you how wonderful that I contacted you for the Pain Relief and Management Program. Sessions with you and listening to your CDs before, during and after the surgery on my breast; I had in the March this year, helped me immeasurably! Nurses and doctors were surprised by my quick recovery and pain tolerance.” Alena Z., Writer

“When Liliya offered her hypnotherapy sessions to me while I was pregnant – I was a little bit skeptical at the beginning. However, after first session I realized how fast I connected with my daughter while I was still pregnant. I used hypnosis for the birth of my third child. It went so much more smoothly than the birth of my first two babies.  The contractions were much-much more manageable, and I was only in labor for 4 hours instead of over 18 hours, and I was able to do it naturally and comfortably. Also, the first & second time around I got postpartum depression. By doing hypnotherapy Liliya helped me with reducing my stress, eliminating my fears, and bond with my baby, and therefore did not get postpartum depression the third time around. I absolutely loved my experience. It gave me a whole new perspective on life and hypnotherapy. Thank you, Liliya so much for being there for me and for opening a whole new experience becoming a mother. “ Mary J., Broker

“Dear Liliya, I am a 56 year old who started smoking at 15.  I averaged 2 packs of cigarettes a day.  I did not really even want to give up smoking – but have never touched a cigarette again since working with you and listening to your CD.
I have now been 3 months totally smoke free, with absolutely no chance of going back. Quite amazing! I have put myself to the test by going to countless parties etc where everyone else was smoking. It didn’t tempt me at all. You should be hearing from a few more my friends soon! A BIG “thank you”!”Paula W., Business Owner

“Hi Liliya, I just wanted to let you to know that after my session with you, I have been using the sleep relaxation CD for the last three nights and have slept better than I can remember in my adult life. Thanks for that. I like how you work. Your techniques and voice are warm yet professional.  I am finding myself looking forward to sleeping at bedtime, and falling asleep much more quickly than I used to (spinning wheels syndrome, lol). I am happy to have had the chance to experience it!  Thanks for giving me the chance!” Lisa V.Store Manager

“What a great experience! I am still smoke-free and it has been over a year. I whole heartedly recommend Liliya to anyone who wants to quit smoking!” Brian S. LCSW

“I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for your service and care. I am really pleased with my new ME. I always wanted to be a self-confident person. I am working in sales and this quality is very important for me to be successful. I am doing much better with my business now and not having fear about my future. Thanks you for helping me to get rid off my depression, for which I suffered for years. It is a great deal for me that I stopped taking antidepressants. Self-hypnosis technique you taught me helps me to deal with my stressful business and actually enjoy my life. My wife was so skeptical when I started working with you, but after she has seen my results, she would like to come to you in order to help her to deal with Insomnia. Everyone who knew me before notices the changes in me, so I keep recommending your services to them. Thank you again; it has been a pleasure working with you”Andrew R. Sales Manager

“I came to see Liliya because I was having trouble sleeping. My mind was always racing when I would try to sleep. After few sessions I was able to get to sleep pretty easily and sleep through the night. Thank you so much.” Jenny V., Piano teacher

“It has been a whole year since Liliya helped me to quit smoking with hypnosis. It was absolutely amazing. I smoked ten years and I tried all the other methods to quit. Hypnotherapy was the one that finally worked. I couldn’t have quit without Liliya’s help. Hypnosis makes quitting smoking so much easier. I am so happy that I will never smoke again!” –Melissa H., Marketing Director

“Meeting with Liliya has really helped me with a bunch of my anxieties. My irrational fears are much more under control than they used to be. I use the techniques that Liliya has shown me to help calm myself down whenever I start to have anxious feelings. After working with her in hypnotherapy, I’ve begun to loosen up socially. I feel more confident around other people and have learned to let go oppose to getting upset, feeling hurt and keeping it inside myself” –Kevin B., Self-employed

“I am so glad that my sister, your previous client, has recommended me to meet with you and start working on my stress and depression issues. After the very first session I hardly have any negative thoughts. NO skin problem at all. Wow!!! That is amazing…Thank you!” Kiran B., Marketing Specialist

“We would just like to thank you for your excellent work, kindness and patience that you have shown by helping us to revive our of ten years marriage. We especially grateful to you for teaching us the self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques, which are helping us a great deal not just to work on our relationship, but also build better relationship with our kids. My wife stopped having nightmares and I do much better at work. We both feel that we have got more energy and looking forward to spend together the rest of our lives. Once again our thanks! PS, obviously you’ll be recommended”. Anne and Peter P., Michigan

“I have been taking medication for years and everything seemed to wear off and often bad side effect appeared. I felt really nauseous in the morning and often turned into a zombie when some of the Lithium doses get up.  After a series of Hypnosis treatments with Liliya I now feel like a new person. I have reduced my medication and I’m much happier, my family and business partner are so pleased and can feel my state of mind is stabilized at a higher level than it has been for years as once again I am more happy and reestablished my outdoor activities.” –Sandy G., Business Owner

“Liliya, I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with me. Just by talking to you I knew you would help me. You gave me very good suggestions and you were accurate on everything that you told me. During my physical healing you read my chakras and was able to open and balance them. I was so nervous and tense when you first started but when you were done, I immediately felt a sense of peace and relaxation. It was an indescribable feeling that left me speechless. I felt like I was floating. I feel so much love in my heart and I feel so much at ease. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel so much lighter. I can’t stop smiling. You helped me find inner peace within myself. You gave me so many good life-changing suggestions and I feel in my heart that I am able to make those life-changing decisions. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. I prayed to God for answers and healings and he sent me you! You are truly God sent! ”  – Nicole D., HR Manager

“After tuning in to my energy for about 10 minutes, Liliya told me about my chakras one-by-one: what they do in the physical and emotional body, what condition each was in, and how it is affecting my physical and emotional well-being at the present time. She is very accurate with the information she ‘read’, and while she gave me a lot of facts about my body/mind/spirit, she also helped me to see how each is integrated and how each affects the others. It was incredible. She asked me no questions and talked to me with the confidence that what she was sharing, what she saw, was accurate, and it was. I was amazed. Liliya also talked to me about some life changes I might want to consider.  She is gentle with her reporting of what she sees and obviously wants to help. And she did!” –Patti B., Instructional Coach

“Dearest Liliya! From the first time we spoke on the phone, I knew you were the person that would help bring me the balance and healing I was in need of. During our phone calls you took me through my Meditation and guided me into balancing myself. In this Journey you have helped me find inner Peace and Strength and because of this my life has become so much more Brighter, Loving, and Joyful. I have moved a thousand miles ahead and I continue moving forward with your guidance. Your meditating CDs have taught me techniques that I needed to learn on how to breathe, accept, and open up to God’s white light that shines within me! You have been my greatest teacher throughout my healing process! During my physical healing you worked on balancing and opening my Chakra’s. After that session I felt much lighter, Peaceful and connected again. Thank You So much for your continuous guidance and words of wisdom and encouragement.  You have helped me remain grounded and stay on track throughout my path of awakening. I hope to one day to be able to help others seeking inner peace in the same way as you have helped me. Your guidance has been a blessing and that is why I thank God and my Angels for bringing you into my life.”  – Sandra S., Visual Manager

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