Available treatments:

 Acute prescribing

Acute conditions like flu, physical trauma, food poisoning etc can be easily treated homeopathically. The consultation in this case is short (up to an hour) and most questions are limited to your physical condition.

Chronic prescribing

First homeopathic consultation for chronic condition lasts for about 2-3 hours (1 hour for kids), and is aimed to get a full picture of your physical and mental/emotional conditions. The practitioner will try to build up a timeline of your medical history and locate major stressors in your life be it physical, environmental or emotional in origin.

Some questions will seem odd and unrelated, but they help to build up a more wholesome picture of the problem. You will be asked to provide a lot of details about your illness, which are cold modalities in professional jargon, like what makes your problem worse/better and during what time of day the problem seems to be aggravated.

Sometimes after a consultation the homeopath may take a couple of days to work on your case. After that, the homeopath will come to an individual conclusion about treatment plan for each specific case. According to each case you can get a remedy which you take only once or on the daily basis. Most of the time nutritional and environmental factors will be addressed as well.

The second homeopathic consultation or follow up should take place within a month or two from commencing of the treatment. It is aimed to understand what changes happened in your health condition and how to proceed with further treatment. It is possible that you haven’t noticed any dramatic difference, but a homeopath can see and judge a shift in your health condition and it is very advisable to follow up with the treatment at least for a while. Many people have been living with their chronic diseases for many years, so it takes time to improve your health considerably or to get rid of the disease altogether.

Follow-up consultations will take place according to individual needs of a patient.

Bach flower remedies

 Bach flower remedies were discovered by Dr. Bach in 1930s, they are made from flowers in an original method set up by Dr. Bach. There are in total 38 original Bach flower remedies, each remedy corresponds to a certain mental/emotional state of a person, once taken they help to transform that state into a positive one.  The remedies can be used alone or in combination; thus covering almost any possible emotional distress. Bach remedies can be used along with other medications, prescription drugs, homeopathy or supplements. The most famous combination is the well known Rescue remedy. 

Flower remedies works amazingly well for stressful situations before exams, pressure at work or at school, family issues, depressions, light fears.

Nutritional counseling

The barriers to healthy weight loss and total well-being include low thyroid function, diabetes or insulin resistance, malnutrition caused by a poor diet, high cortisol levels and stress, sleep disorders, and hormonal imbalances. A nutritional consultation involves building a detailed picture of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and any concerns you may have about your health. You will also be advised on which vitamin and mineral supplements are best to top up the goodness of your food to provide complete nutrition.